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SIM8950X Series

The SIM8950 series is the LTE Cat 4 smart module with Android system, it adopts Qualcomm 8-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor, with frequency up to 1.8GHz and AdrenoTM 506 GPU. It supports multiple high resolution camera and double screen double display, and has powerful high data transfer and multimedia processing capability. With smart module operation system and high performance advantage, the module is ideal for rapid development of multimedia wireless communication products and applications.    

The SIM8950 series highly integrates wireless communication, short distance communication and multiple satellite positioning receiver function. It supports multiple communication modes such as GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA+, LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD. It supports GNSS multi-mode satellite positioning and short distance communication including Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and BT4.2 BLE.

The SIM8950 series has abundant interfaces, it can be connected with camera, display screen, audio, sensors and other equipments. It supports multi-dimensional data collection and man-machine interaction. The interfaces including MIPI_DSI/CSI/UART/SPI/I2C/GPIO/USB greatly expand smart module applications, and make the module suitable for smart POS, advertising media, automotive electronics, smart diagnostics, devices and industry.  

Product Advantages

- Support dual SIM card

- Support charge management function (optional)

- Support 1080@60fps video recording and playing

- Integrate GNSS function, supports rapid accurate positioning under different environment

- Support double screen and double touch control

- Support double camera

Product Details

File Download

  • SIM8950EC_CE(RED)_Certificate_2021
    2021-11-12 17:31:35
  • SIM8950 Series_SPEC_20201125
    2020-11-12 11:09:00
  • SIM8950-EVB Kit_User Guide_V1.02
    2020-08-05 14:15:00
  • SIM8950x_Hardware_Design_V1.08
    2020-06-16 14:13:00
  • SIM8950_Reference_Schematic_for_HDMI_LVDS_Enthernet_V1.01(190215)
    2019-05-07 14:22:00
  • SIM8950x_USB_Application_Note_V1.00
    2019-05-07 14:21:00
  • SIM8950 Series Smart Module SDK Download User Guide_V1.01
    2019-05-07 14:19:00
  • SIM8950 Series Smart Module Compilation and Burning_V1.01
    2019-05-07 14:17:00
  • SIM8950 Series UART Driver Development Guide Manual_V1.01-
    2018-11-23 14:21:00
  • SIM8950 Series SPI Driver Development Guide Manual_V1.01
    2018-11-23 14:20:00
  • SIM8950 Series I2C Driver Development Guide Manual_V1.01
    2018-11-23 14:17:00
  • SIM8950 Series Display Driver Development Guide_V1.00
    2018-11-23 14:16:00
  • SIM8950_Reference_Schematic_for_HDMI_IN_&_HDMI_LVDS_OUT(180725)_V1.01
    2018-11-21 14:29:00
  • SIM8950_Reference_Schematic_without_PMI_V1.01(171030)
    2018-11-21 14:29:00
  • SIM8950_+_PMI_Module_Reference_Schematic(180531)_V1.01
    2018-11-21 14:24:00
  • SIM8950_REACH Certificate_2018
    2018-11-21 14:14:00
  • SIM8950_ROHS Certificate_2018
    2018-11-21 14:14:00
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